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quannon headlight aim adjustment
« on: August 12, 2017, 03:27:16 AM »
My Quannon 125 headlight was aimed too high. Neither the user manual nor the workshop manual have anything to say about adjusting headlight aim, but it turned out to be fairly easy. Each light (dipped beam on the left, main beam on the right) has an adjustment screw, circled in red in this picture:

(can't get the image insertion feature to work, picture at
This picture is taken from the top, the camera was just over the handlebars. Screw in to lower the beam, screw out to raise the beam. It's impossible to reach the adjustment screws from the top, but it's fairly easy with a 10mm wrench from the bottom, especially if you remove the black panel below the lights, which is secured by only two screws.

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