Author Topic: 2012 Agility 125 - Camshaft bearing failure, 3200 miles, engine rebuild.  (Read 156 times)


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I bought an Agility 125 from a reputable motorcycle dealership (thank gosh) that appeared to be in new condition, only ~3000 miles. Rode it for about a week, put nearly 200 miles on it, the one day the engine just starts making tons of noise - then won't start. Had it towed to the shop, they told me the next day it's cam chain had come off and ruined the engine, they'd need to rebuild it if possible. After a couple days they showed me the part - it was the bearing closest to the gear on the camshaft, it just came apart and rained BB's all inside the engine, derailed the chain. Turns out they could get the gaskets, etc., and they're rebuilding it for free. They said they'd try and get a higher quality bearing pressed on in place of the failed one.

I've searched a bit and found out this is actually a fairly common problem with that same exact bearing. In this forum on they say its "those evil chinese NTN 6002 bearings" that failed for them too. At least 3 other people on the 50cc and 125.

Otherwise it's been perfect. Super easy to ride, powerful enough for most of the local highways, hills & bridges. Takes passengers just fine. Cheap as chips.

Just, come on. Cheap Chinese bearings? On the camshaft?? How much $ could they have possibly saved.