Author Topic: What's your top speed?  (Read 450 times)


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What's your top speed?
« on: May 26, 2017, 08:15:39 AM »
I am beginning to wonder if my 08 s9ac is on the slow side. When I am wot on level ground, I am getting a speed of 70km/h (indicated) but only 60 as measured by gps. What speeds are you getting? I would like to get to 70/80 km/h (gps). What would be the recommended upgrades? Other than a bbk?


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Re: What's your top speed?
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2017, 04:45:26 PM »
I have pretty much OEM 03 S9 LC, has pod airfilter, larger carb jets, and some CVT tuning.  It runs over 50mph/ 80km on speedo, which is probably 5 to 7mph high.

I sold 03 S9 LC with pod airfilter, Malossi variator, Dr Pulley sliders, Malossi torque spring, Malossi torque driver, Tecnigas NextR pipe, and I think can hit true 60mph from time to time, depending upon wind direction, slope of road.  Note: doesn't have 70cc kit, still 49cc.  Cheers
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Re: What's your top speed?
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2017, 05:11:34 PM »
When i bought my '05 S9 LC 50 it was lightly used and bone stock with the dealer derestrictions that include the CDI cut, unrestricted drive boss, and the 18mm intake manifold restricted (not 20mm), the exit of the exhaust is also restricted and I was going a street sign Verified 48MPH, Not K/h. The bike slowed down after alot of abuse and only went 42MPH last ridden. The stock 16mm Keihin PB carb's MJ was set at #95. I have since ordered a 19mm PHGB Dellorto carb w/#85 Mj and manual choke , malossi 38mm air filter(Chrome), Technigas Next-R Exhaust, (Shoulda bought the RS-II) Malossi variator w/9g rollers (Shoulda bought Dr.Pulley w/8g sliders) Malossi MHR delta clutch w/white springs and white contra spring (Shoulda bought Stage6 R/T MkII). I bought a Naraku (Unrestricted) CDI, Naraku V.2 High Output Ignition coil, and a NGK Platinum Plug. I got a Chromes-Pro I-gel battery w/ built in LCD screen and self testing button.  I also removed the petcock from the gas tank and straight-lined a manual shut-off. My Tires are the Maxxis Maxx Daddy 130/70/12 for Off-raod use only. I plan to remove the water pump and add a 12v bosch water pump to eliminate physical drag and to add an inner-rotor Artek K2 w/light to power it and to move into racing ignition distribution. I have an Airsal (T6) 73.8cc cylinder kit on the way. I re-routed my front turn signals to the Euro style side markers, and am going to Order the tail-light with built in turn signals to remove all this USA restricted lighting off my bike. I added an accessory switch for a 12v cigarette plug w/usb below the seat and for lighting systems down the road. I would love to tell you more but all of these parts have been installed or ordered while my bike has a no spark issue. Instead of paying a mechanic $80/hr, i decided to just keep shopping for aftermarket parts, I realize its a 13yo bike with all stock components and it needs a rebuild.
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2005 Super 9 LC - Airsal (T6) 73.8cc BBK
Battery: Chromes-Pro I-gel w/ self tester & LCD
Stator:(soon) Artek K2 rotor w/light
cooling:(soon) Bosh 12v water pump
Carb: 19mm PHGB (soon)Yoshimura 24
Air filter: Malossi E5 chrome
Variator: Malossi - Clutch: Malossi MHR Delta
Exhaust: technigas Next-R