Author Topic: Used parts for Downtown 300i, Xciting 500, people 250, B&W 250, Grand Vista, mor  (Read 544 times)


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I have some Kymco scooters that I want to part out. None of them are complete bikes since I used parts off them to fix other Kymcos that I own and ride.
2013 Downtown 300i, Good motor, seat, mirrors, gauges, switches, electronics more. crashed hard in front.
2006 People 250,
2006 Bet and Win
2009 People S200
2009 Xciting 500 Good motor, mostly complete
2006 Xciting 500 motor knocks, complete otherwise.
2006 Grand Vista Runs but carb is bad.
I'm not able to ship larger items because I'm freshly out of back surgery and can't lift more than 5 pounds. So you would need to pick up near Palm Desert CA. in So Cal. As time goes by I will recover (I hope) and may be able to do more.


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Hey !

Good to see you here on the forum !

I had responded to your Craig's ad, a week or so ago...

I am still interested in purchase of a Kymco motor assembly, yet Palm Desert is right on the edge of an awkward distance.

I've been through destroying my back and understand how rough it can be...  in spades!

I have managed to recover, and hope you shall also.
Do it your way !  is the best advice I can offer.


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price on the complete downtown 300i motor/ecu/harness?


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Price on motor/ecu/harness plz and the plastics? Have a friend I am trying to get the parts for.



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I'm interested in the  gauge, speedometer, etc unit for the 2006 Bet and Win (250) If you do  how much $ you want for it?

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