Author Topic: KYMCO Event ADRIA - Gara completa - Trofei Malossi 2016 Kymco Downtown Racing  (Read 605 times)


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KYMCO Event ADRIA - Gara completa - Trofei Malossi 2016

The real news this year is the KYMCO Event 2016: a unique race, never seen before, where 12 international drivers from 8 different countries, which riding Downtown 350s prepared directly by Malossi, will face off on the Adria circuit to win the prestigious competition and bring home the great prize. This competition celebrates the partnership established between KYMCO and Malossi, two great entities, that on this occasion combine their forces to deliver pure raw emotions.
On the 24th, 25th and 26th of September the World Malossi Day took place in Adria, an event which marks the end of the 2016 season, but which is actually a proper convention for all Malossi enthusiasts. To encircle the end of the various trophies, from the powerful T-Max to the fast scooters of the National Speed Trophy, there were a series of appearances, and prominent innovations of which the most important was certainly the brand new collaboration between Kymco, world leader in the production of automatic scooters, and Malossi, with the presentation of new Kymco Downtown 350 in its racing version, which is equipped with a great series of after-market accessories designed specifically for this scooter by our most skilled technicians.
To enrich the presentation some pilots participating in trophies had the privilege and the opportunity to be the first to test the “racing” capabilities of this new maxi scooter with 12 vehicles equipped with the same technical components, for an equal performance among all the pilots on the track! As usual Malossi didn’t disappoint and the spur of the moment comments were enthusiastic: the ride is powerful, fun and fast…it’s going to be interesting!
The same drivers who competed with the Downtown were then protagonists of the finals of the various trophies, giving a great show on the track, taking their fluorescent rides to the limit and not holding back anything. Even if in the pits everyone is friendly and works shoulder to shoulder, once on the track, victory is the only thing that counts!

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