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Side By Side / how hard is it to get the motor out
« Last post by Red Good on Today at 12:47:59 PM »
Kymco uxv 700 , needs to slide one way or the other to disengage the drive shafts . Any experience ? Tia
So I got a scooter from a friend that just didnt want it anymore, 2008 kymco people 250.  I ran it for a bit after it was in storage for 6 months and ran out of coolant and i think destroyed the head casket 200 miles.  Is it worth fixing, cost estimates?  the scooter guy in south philly was trying to tell me no but he was also trying to sell me another scooter.

Please advise, thanks in advance

General Discussion / Re: Kymco People 250 - Overheating Questions
« Last post by yemjsr on Today at 10:56:05 AM »
I aquired my scooter the same way: Impound yard. $200! And oddly enough, it was also suffering an overheating problem. The previous owner had already removed the thermostat, which I still need to replace, but can't seem to find where to get one! Can anyone give me a source? has an "assembly" for over $30!? That doesn't sound like what I need.

Anyway, I rode it once for a couple miles when I first got it, and it overheated so badly it destroyed the head gasket, piston and rings. So I ended up putting in the MRP 300cc upgrade kit. I think the overheating was caused by the coolant hoses leaking from loose clamps. At least that's the only problem I found when I went through it. Well, that and the blown head gasket. But was the blown head gasket a symptom or the cause? Just something else to check.

Also, the previous owner had put in a manual fan switch. I was riding it around town for upwards of 30 minutes, stop and go traffic, with the fan off (50-60F outside temps), and it never overheated. The needle would start climbing at stops, but would go down when air was moving from driving. So I'm doubtful that the fan is your problem, especially if you are overheating while driving in cool/cold temperatures. Like zombie said, start with pulling the thermostat out. And also see if it's dripping water when it gets hot. If so, locate where its dripping from and fix that.

So I think I blew my head casket, whats the cost on that repair if paying someone to do it?  I'm in Philly and can't stand the pompous south Philly scooter place, but it seems like its the only one.  Please advise.  Almost 10 years
Technical | How To / Clutch replacement tools
« Last post by OhmsLaw43 on Today at 09:08:09 AM »
Just a FYI for any Venox 250 riders out there that do their own work. I’m in the process of replacing my clutch and had to have the two special tools made for me. Luckily my friend is a machinist and he ginned them up in about 15 minutes. He made 5 sets as it’s just as easy to make 5 as 1 when you have the mill set up. My question is, is there a market for these special tools? 
General Discussion / Re: Time for the cold gear....
« Last post by ole two wheels on Today at 08:57:13 AM »
General Discussion / Re: When your luck runs out.
« Last post by ole two wheels on Today at 08:53:01 AM »
As the old saying says, "some times you just can't win." Looks like he was dressed properly, so he probably wasn't badly injured, UNLESS he got ran over. T'was a heap of cages there..
General Discussion / Re: The real cost of new car fuel economy
« Last post by ole two wheels on Today at 08:47:15 AM »
Yes, all that crossbolt said and something else. Mechanics mistakes just results in higher bills for the customers and their cars are  relegated to the used car lots and then on to the scrap yards, but doctor's mistakes translates into much higher bills and then their mistake are buried ...
People GT 300i / Re: Power Sports Warehouse
« Last post by CROSSBOLT on Today at 06:37:49 AM »
I think De dee has good works with these guys. I wonder why they dropped the ball with you. This is gonna hurt them because we are ALL gonna know it!

General Discussion / Re: The real cost of new car fuel economy
« Last post by CROSSBOLT on Today at 06:33:07 AM »
Yeah, but! Yeah, but the mech has to actually FIX the problem he is presented to keep his customers, whereas the General Practitioner, radiologist, oncologist and cancer surgeons keep handing the same B$ lines with no better outcome. Ordinary people are so snowed by "educated" shysters. This rant does NOT include trauma surgeons and EMT's, ER nurses and techs, etc.

General Discussion / Re: When your luck runs out.
« Last post by CROSSBOLT on Today at 06:24:16 AM »
OW! Ow! Oh, ow! How does one avoid something like that?!

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