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Should have read this one first! OK, you are committed. You work on computers? OK, you are qualified! Start with what Hypophthalmus said. Get a multimeter if you don't have one. Report back when you do for the next step.

Xciting 500 / Re: Am I being ripped off?
« Last post by CROSSBOLT on Today at 07:28:32 AM »
Not surprised that they cannot fix it. Not surprised they have no clue. They have pretty well filled my expectations. Now, how involved are you willing to work on this? I have no idea the transport problem you have while trying to fix this but with the knowledge on here the solution may be at hand. All you have to do is decide. We will be ready.

General Discussion / Re: G'day from SA (South Australia)
« Last post by PaulF on Today at 06:16:22 AM »
The stripes looks great, you did a good job.   I have been looking at mine thinking it needs more black. 
General Discussion / Re: My new scooter
« Last post by PaulF on Today at 06:10:39 AM »
Spotted another 200i LE last Sunday down Flinders st wearing a 'L' plate.  Just saw your other post so I know it wasn't yours. 
LIKE 200i / Re: rear shock adjustment
« Last post by kymi on Today at 12:51:12 AM »
Sorry to disappoint you but turning that collar will not affect the spring rate, that is fixed by the length of the spring and the diameter of the wire. That collar is just a spring platform and will only change the ride height, and even then only by a few mm, but that's good if you are a bit on the heavy side or wish to carry a pillion passenger best to leave it on the high setting, otherwise it's worth dropping it down a bit to lower the centre of gravity which will aid stability. If you think you can feel a difference it's probably psychological because the change is so small, I dropped mine down and I can't say it feels any different at all but it was worth doing because I am only 70kg and I doubt that I will ever carry a pillion.

I made a c-spanner to do the job:

General Discussion / Re: Running in my new Like
« Last post by kymi on Today at 12:19:06 AM »
I've always bought new cars and scooters so I've done a lot of 'running in' and some of the information out there is a bit out of date. Apart from going a little easy for the first few km I just drive/ride as normal and try to do a fair bit of acceleration / deceleration (hills are good) to bed the rings in. Maybe not quite 'ride it like you stole it!' but don't go too easy on it, you will have a stronger motor if you load it up a bit.

As far as oil changes are concerned I did the first one at 500km, then 2500km and each 2500km after that. Personally I think that's a bit excessive, my PCX had 4000km intervals and I used to do that every 5000km, but oil's pretty cheap and it doesn't hurt to do it a bit more often. I use Valvoline 'Engine Armour' 10W40, no harm in using motorcycle oil but it's really a waste of money, it's only needed if you have a wet clutch which scooters don't have of course. For scooter engines a good quality automotive oil is every bit as good and works out a lot cheaper.
General Discussion / Re: My new scooter
« Last post by kymi on December 15, 2017, 11:53:59 PM »
I've just joined this forum and now I see this, another South Australian with a Like 200i LE! Maybe I'll see you on the road sometime....
General Discussion / G'day from SA (South Australia)
« Last post by kymi on December 15, 2017, 11:42:27 PM »
Hi all

I've had my Like 200i for a few months now and thought I'd join this forum and say hi, seems like a good one, I've been reading some interesting posts.

I got a 200i LE, (the orange one) and did some mild customizing with a little de-chroming (I hate chrome) and made some black stripes like those on some of the others, I think those stripes really suit this scooter, especially with the orange paint and the black details, I love it. I also ditched the chrome grab rail and made a small luggage rack which I use quite often. The only other thing I'd like to do is change the chrome mirrors for black ones but there's no hurry for that.

This is my fifth scooter, I had two Honda Today 50's, only because the first one was stolen and destroyed, then sticking with Honda I had a PCX125 and later a PCX150. The PCX's are great machines but for some reason I just don't like them, I much prefer a traditional flat-floor scooter.

The Like 200i has been great so far, I've done 3,000km in just over 4 months which is pretty normal for me, I usually do about 8,000km a year on the scooter and 4,000km in the car. I also picked up a Like 50 with a broken engine for $200 which might come in handy for parts, or I could repair it if I find a crashed one with a good motor but for now it just sits in a corner of the garage.

Technical | How To / Re: Electrical Problems - 2009 Kymco Xciting 500RI ABS
« Last post by hypophthalmus on December 15, 2017, 11:33:06 PM »
If your battery tested bad and is readily going dead, then it sounds like it's time for a new battery. What's the voltage? Does the voltage drop overnight if it's not connected? Does it drop if it is?

The stator can/should be tested by checking the voltage when the engine is running.

Do you happen to know if it was arcing at the battery terminal that was getting hot? Maybe the connection is loose or corroded?

It is still dying after running for a while? That could be a lot of things.
Xciting 500 / Re: Am I being ripped off?
« Last post by ss10gotanks on December 15, 2017, 10:51:17 PM »
Welp the end of this story is I had the rental scooter for several weeks while they looked at my bike. The owner called the night they let me use the rental to apologize for them not calling me when the bill was changing so drastically. He said they should have called me. He offered to refund me $150 dollars. Which I thought was pretty fair.
So the scooter place had my bikes a couple more weeks. During this time they called me pretty much using jargon that they couldn't find anything wrong with it and that it was user error and that I could come up there and they would "teach" me how to use. I figured, who knows, I'm new to scooters so maybe it is me. I'll try to do w/e they say diligently and bring the bike back to them if it continues. So the guy pulled it around the store and got off and was like "let me show you how to start it." So he got back on the bike and it wouldn't start. Which I thought was amazing. Cause if it had done that on the way home for me I imagine I would have been blamed. So the end of the story is that they couldn't figure out whats wrong but guess that it was probably the wiring harness and that it would be thousands of dollars to fix (probably to get me to take my bike back I would guess). They did drop it off at my house for me and pick up there bike.

So they where the only place in town that would look at it. So now I either have to sell it or fix it with some friends. I posted on here for help on troubleshooting. So maybe something will come out of that.

Sorry it took so long to finish the story. Thank ya'll for your advice and thoughts!
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